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Singapore’s Favourite Professional Event Emcee

Every occasion needs a sparkling personality, and that’s where Charmaine Yee comes in. Charmaine is a respected radio and television presenter and professional event emcee who has hosted numerous corporate events, press conferences and sports events.

Her charming personality and eloquence make Charmaine the choice emcee in Singapore. Some of these high-profile events include hosting the launch of Carlsberg Event and Virtual Twitter Events. From interviewing sports stars to being an emcee at charity runs, Charmaine is capable of switching up her presentation style to suit the audience and clientele.

If you are looking for someone who is versatile and sophisticated, Charmaine is one of the more popular choices when it comes to hiring an emcee in Singapore. Charmaine is available for corporate events, press conferences, product launches, voiceovers and brand ambassadorships in Singapore.

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The ideal corporate event host and press conference emcee in Singapore

Being a successful female emcee who consistently paves her way towards making a mark in the media industry in Singapore is quite a feat given its competitive nature. At an event, emcees are required to be a living embodiment of vitality while living up to the standards of their clients. Additionally, confidence and industriousness are required when thrust into the spotlight.

Charmaine’s long list of clientele and experience can attest to her possession of the aforementioned. From corporate and lifestyle to sports emceeing, Charmaine’s specialty lies in her ability to adapt to the changing needs of her clients. She’s worked with a diverse range of corporations and government bodies, including companies who are leaders in their respective industries in Singapore. Not only has Charmaine secured professional experience in the media and corporate world but her awareness of event requirements enables her to play to nuances of emceeing for varied audiences in Singapore. With her ability to think quick on her feet and adapt seamlessly to changing environments, Charmaine flawlessly makes an impression on her audience as a professional and celebrity emcee.

More Than Just a Celebrity Emcee in Singapore

With more than 13 years of experience as an event emcee and host in the Singapore media – most famously as the host of Kiss92 FM’s weekday radio show from 1 pm to 4 pm – she is the professional event emcee you can rely on to engage and delight audiences. Hosting radio and FB Live has given Charmaine an easy repartee and a quick wit, which allows her to keep up with any guest or co-host.

Thought you might have heard Charmaine’s voice elsewhere? Proving her multifaceted talent, she has not only been an event host and Radio presenter but has also lent her voice to numerous commercials aired on Singapore and cable TV.

Charmaine’s diverse experience not just on radio but as a regional presenter on Fox Sports Asia gives her a breadth and depth of talent that sets her apart from other female emcees in Singapore. Her innate capabilities as a professional emcee are unbeatable. Her bubbly personality and warm demeanour endear her to her audience, helping her hosts get their message across easily. Furthermore, being fluent in both Mandarin and English, she is the ideal choice for event hosts seeking a bilingual, capable and professional emcee who can speak to the dynamic and diverse community in Singapore.

Likewise, Charmaine’s unwavering professionalism grants her the sophistication to play an instrumental role in the success of an event. Being in the presence of prominent figures might cause even the most experienced emcee in Singapore to crumble under pressure. From hosting the 10th Anniversary GALA fund-raising dinner attended by the President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob, to chatting with famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, she has demonstrated  her versatility in being a reliable celebrity emcee in Singapore.

Work with one of Singapore’s Most Versatile Emcees

Being extremely driven and effectively bilingual, Charmaine is ever-ready to be an emcee at any event ranging from corporate conferences, sports events, and product launches.

The range of client testimonials are testament to Charmaine’s talent and capabilities as a popular emcee of choice in Singapore. Keep up with Charmaine on her social media platforms here and be entertained by her interviews with your favourite celebrities here.

To contact Charmaine for professional emceeing and hosting, click here.

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