I’ve talked about fitness enough and this is the year I’m finally getting it done. My friends at Adidas heard about this determination to get fit, and I’ll be working with them with their Adidas Power Women’s Series.

This year is all about women coming together and getting fit together. That’s something I’m 100% on board with! LETS GO LADIES!

I was invited to the Adidas Power Women x Yoga Lab event with Jasmine Chong and realized we’re actually long lost friends! She had the most ab-crunching and rather intense strength-training session. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

A Lipton Affair with George Young

I love caffeine. Especially in tea, it’s something my parents have raised the brother and I with. We have tea at dinner, after dinner or with biscuits over the weekend.

Lipton, British raised celebrity George Young and The Cufflink Club come together to create 16 unique cocktail and mocktail recipes using a variety of Lipton tea. The aim is to inspire tea-drinkers all over to experiment with different ways of enjoying tea.


When I was invited to an event organized by Lipton Singapore to get hands on with enjoying tea, naturally I was pretty stoked. I love the fruity new flavours they’ve come up with over the last few years. The location was a beautiful colonial house off Mount Pleasant. Once we were greeted with this, I knew the afternoon was going to be a pretty floral and fun affair 🙂


I was genuinely impressed with just how thoughtful the house was set up! Its exactly how I would want my own home to look like. It even had George Young’s baby pictures, tea cups, and gorgeous floral centerpieces! It was aweomse to see George again, who led a bunch of us ladies and some gents on a step by step process on using Lipton teas to make mocktails and cocktails.


It was the first time I was mixing cocktails with the full metal bottle mixologists always work with and I sure have some newfound respect for them now! Now that I have the full set, I can get my girlfriends over for some drinks! (I have a video demonstrating how to do it at home below)!


Here’s a video of how you too can use Lipton tea to make your lunch or dinner parties memorable at home! WATCH IT here! –>


Golden Call with Easy Taxi!


So a few weeks ago, Easy Taxi approached me and asked if I wanted to help with this thing called Golden Call. Essentially, they’re rewarding taxi drivers who use their app and they wanted me to be a mystery passenger to surprise a random driver with a 24k GOLD plate! I should really get on this driving this..but maybe later. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT GOLD!

My home is literally in some really obscure place, so taxis always have issues searching for me. So the first good thing about this guy, was that he found me and got to my home quickly. (Since time is money and money is time…or whatever that saying is). Secondly, he was such an earnest guy, just driving his cab. No complaints about anything, not striking like really awkward conversations when you really want to have your own peace. This taxi driver was cool. Plus, he wasnt driving F1 style. At that point, the experience was already not TOO shabby.

BUT I wanted a conversation, I wanted to find out more about this man. So once I got into the cab, I asked him how his day was. He told me he had been driving for hours, and the music on the radio is what keeps him going, and he was really exhausted (as you can see from the photo). Apparently, I was going to be his last passenger of the day!

Huge props to Easy Taxi for doing this. Definitely a profession that needs more love.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE to see his priceless reaction!



Inaugural Young Women Achiever Forum 2014

Young Women

I spoke at the inaugural Young Women Achiever Forum 2014 held at the SMU on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2014.

I shared my inspiring life story and spoke on what it takes to step out as a radio DJ and pursue her goal as an entrepreneur with ZoeyAnne and found it heartening to see the smiles of an inspired audience. The Young Woman Achiever Forum 2014 is specially geared for young aspiring individuals between 18 to 35 years old.


Charmaine Featured on Youth.SG

Charmaine has been featured on
She discussed about her strong advocate for early detection of cancer, the leading cause of death in Singapore.

Youth.SG provides relevant youth-oriented information on culture, lifestyle, events and interests, and a comprehensive directory of links to content and resources for youth to get going.

Check out the story HERE