Cycle & Carriage – Mitsubishi Celebrations

I joined in the celebration of Cycle and Carriage’s 40th year of partnership with Mitsubishi, and commemoration of Mitsubishi’s journey of over 100 years of innovation and victory.

Launch of Suixi Eco-Intelligent City

Hosted the official launch of the SUIXI Eco-intelligent City! 今天很荣幸担任遂溪中新生态智慧城项目推介会的司仪.

STRIP IPL Brazillian Review

I’ve actually been going to STRIP for years now, I have so many packages with them – IPL underarm, IPL upper lip, IPL brazillian..the list goes on. It has even become a  a running joke with the counter staff!
So just a little context, IPL is Intense pulsed light and this is generally less painful than say, waxing. I go to the Wheelock outlet, at the top floor hidden away at the Apple store side of the building. P.S A lot of men go there because its tucked away. I like that its got more privacy.
The great thing about STRIP is that they are consistent in their service, constantly improve their machines (I know from my chats with the ladies) and have consistently good results.
I’ve actually paid for the IPL Brazilian previously…but I never stuck to going every 6 weeks and so it was never as effective. Do rememeber to go to your appointments! (when you use the promo code below :D) This time, I’m not letting that happen! Here’s what I’ve experienced with the IPL Brazillian this time around:
What looks like well… protection is really individually packed kits that the ladies pick up right before you’re escorted to your room in the themed outlet!
2. The cute wallpapers! 
I mean…while you’ve got the IPL Machine and friendly lady removing your hair..its always nice to distract yourself with quotes.
3. Comfort 
The ladies always make sure you’re never too cold, very comfortable, ask if the gel is too cold and if the IPL shots are too hot. Due to my schedule, I don’t have a fixed therapist and that means I’ve also had treatments with many. I can definitely say they’re all equally professional, and friendly too!
The team at STRIP would love to extend this experience to you too! You can enjoy the trial at $58. Check out the link at

Vlog #1

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