AIA Annual Awards

Hosted the hybrid AIA Annual Awards for top performing agents.

New Year New Skin

Hosted ‘live’ webinar on skin wellness, flawless complexion and ageing skin.

Hybrid Event

It is so interesting to know that superfoods don’t have to be expensive. The best way to get the most antioxidants out of superfoods is to have them in their original form.

Guardian Beauty Awards

Charmaine hosted the virtual Annual Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards and chatted with key media personalities and reviewed latest products from Asia, USA and Europe!

Insurance Co’s Virtual Event

Insurance Virtual Event 1: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Emceed ‘live’ hybrid sessions and engaged a community of speakers and thought leaders to share ideas and knowledge on physical, mental and financial well-being.

Insurance Virtual Event 2: How to Reduce Stress and get Better Sleep
Insurance Virtual Event 3: Money Management for Children

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