Kodak Evoblue

Hosted the launch of Kodak Evoblue, a lifestyle photochromic accessory, that protects eyes from harmful UV and damaging blue light.

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Gala Awards Dinner

Hosted an awards ceremony of more than 2,000 international delegates and celebrated the winners in logistics and freight services.

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LLI Christmas Bazaar

The bazaar promoted lifelong learning at Christmas-themed workshops and activities. Proceeds for the items bought or crafted were donated to AAWA and MINDS.

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MSpace @ Orchard

Launched a new lifestyle concept to enhance the banking experience of a diverse client base, combining banking with a cafe at 20th Maybank retail branch.

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10th Anniversary Dinner

Honoured to have President Halimah Yacob to host the gala dinner, complete with silent auction and painting sale, to raise funds for cancer management.

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All Paths Possible

Celebrated the centenary of Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman @Art Science Museum. A brilliant physicist in quantum mechanics, he had contributed to many modern technological advances.

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A Witty and Engaging but Professional Host for Product Launches and Roadshows in Singapore

What makes Charmaine the Perfect Emcee in Singapore?

If you’re looking for a host for your next product launch or roadshow, Charmaine Yee is the perfect choice.

When you’re hosting a huge event with a massive guestlist, naturally, you would want a presenter who will match the excitement of your event, someone who will successfully launch your new product or announce your new initiative.

That’s where professional and bilingual event host, Charmaine comes in.

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With 15 years of experience hosting product launches, corporate events, product launches, award ceremonies and roadshows, you can be rest assured that Charmaine will more than deliver. She’s driven and dedicated to ensure all guests feel welcomed and comfortable at any event she hosts in Singapore. She strives to not only meet but also exceed all expectations.

Charmaine also has hosted numerous types of events – she’s emceed at major events like the SIA Charity Run in 2017, Brunch with David Beckham at The Bird, and the opening of the Marvel Studios Exhibition, just to name a few.

It’s no surprise that she is the most sought-after event host in Singapore. Professional, experienced and passionate, you can count on Charmaine to deliver an unforgettable experience at your event.

Charmaine brings high energy and lively wit to your event which makes every occasion extra special and memorable. As a multitalented emcee, her experience has seen her engaging her audience on radio, television and live broadcasts.

Still not convinced? Charmaine has accumulated an impressive number of testimonials from her clients for her excellent emceeing skills. Click here to hear from her happy clients and let them convince you.


Charmaine will add a unique touch of warmth and flair to your event — all you need to do is to make a booking! Click here to make a booking now and we’ll be in touch.