For the 3rd year running, Charmaine hosts the Raffles Hotel Wedding Fair

A wedding experience at Raffles Hotel is about prestige, exclusivity, impeccable service and most of all perfection. Heaven’s Gift engaged Charmaine to help couples embark on their first step in matrimony in true Raffles style.

The Raffles Hotel Wedding fair showcased the array of celebrated bridal venues around Raffles Hotel and was an afternoon treat where the Bar & Billiard Room was transformed from a restaurant to a charming catwalk for the Divine Couture Fashion Show, with delectable food and beverages from Raffles Hotel.

Charmaine has hosted the Raffles Hotel Wedding Fair for the last few years and, through the wedding fairs, helped potential wedding couples with the most momentous occasion of of their lives.

Concept Design, Execution and Planning of the Raffles Romance Wedding Show by Heaven’s Gift – The Special Events Planner

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