PUB World Water Day Event

Charmaine Hosted PUB World Water Day Event at the Marina Barrage with special appearance from Prime Minister Lee.

A Little About World Water Day :

Many countries including Singapore commemorate World Water Day to encourage all of Singapore to be joint stewards of water and use water wisely. In 2009, Singapore held its first World Water Day to build a tradition of water-centric activities by the community for the community. This is achieved by organising various on-water and by-water activities led by community partners at our Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) sites. In so doing, the community is inspired to conserve, value and enjoy this precious resource.

This year, island-wide activities were¬† held on 16 March 2013, with the anchor event at Marina Barrage, accompanied by satellite activities at 5 major ABC Waters sites and partners’ adopted water bodies.. The theme for Singapore World Water Day celebrations is “Every Drop Counts!” , which brings across the message of how every drop of water is precious. Collective efforts from everyone will thus help contribute towards water sustainability for Singapore, for the world and for life.
More than 35,000 people took part in the day!