Tiesto Live In Singapore Interview

Charmaine Yee caught up with Tiesto at Zouk Thanks to the team at Acer. Tiesto talk’s about the brand new Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook.

Introducing the new convertible Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook™ and a new type of personal computing. Super thin and light, the Aspire P3 is an Ultrabook™ for when you’re focused on productive tasks, and a tablet when you need greater flexibility to move around.

The Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook™, inspired by Intel®, encompasses everything you need from several devices in one piece of technology. Open it up in its protective cover into Ultrabook 178-degree-viewing mode, then flip and switch into tablet mode in one swift movement. If you want to move even faster than that, then you can detach the touchscreen and make a quick getaway.

More details about the Acer Aspire P3 can be found here.