Do you really work 4 hours a day?

So you’re at a party and I’ve had a martini or two (or three, who counts) and I’m mingling through the crowd, wondering how long to stay before I should head out for real food. Suddenly you’re introduced to someone new and you forget that pizza. That’s usually the perfect time where everyone’s filled with liquid courage and I get asked questions like..

  • So you work 3 hours a day! How does that feel?
  • Who’s been the artiste that’s been the biggest diva?
  • Do you get free stuff all the time?
  • How did you become a radio deejay?
  • How do you pick which events to go to?

I’ll give you all the funny and factual answers here and of course, take you through my journey – all the events, glamorous and not so glamorous things about living the dream. Lets get this party started!