4 ‘Don’ts’ for an Emcee

Emcee Singapore: 4 Dont's

4 ‘Don’ts’ for an Emcee

Emcee Singapore: When you are selected to emcee for an event and you start your research you generally base all your research work on the dos of emceeing. However, to be better than the average emcee you need an edge that the others might lack. While you have to excel at engaging the audience at all times and maintaining a flow to the event, you also have to look for things that are to be tackled or better yet avoided completely. Here are some suggestions on what not to do as an emcee.


1)  Do not drag the show on with a lengthy script

Keeping your script short and simple is a great way of reaching out to many people in the audience. Especially in a corporate event where many potential clients might be in the audience, you should not keep narrating monotonously but instead focus more on providing a basic introduction to the initiative or the company. Staying fast-paced and high on energy can itself become engaging. You can make use of funny and inspirational quotes or crack a joke or two when things seem like it’s becoming boring for audiences. However, always respect the script.


2) Do not improvise or make it personal

An emcee’s role is to hold the audience’s attention and provide the show with a certain flow. They might spend more time on the stage than anyone else, but they are not the star of the show. Whether you have been hired to emcee Singapore emcee or you are doing it for free, do not bring your own agenda into the event. Stay true to the mission or purpose of the event and avoid adding personal stories unless they are short and relevant.

Another important thing to remember is not to go off-script and drift into irrelevant discussions. This will irritate the audiences and will not be entertaining at all for anyone. Even jokes fall in this category of improvisations. You might find a story funny when frankly it might not be so funny to others. When the joke falls flat, it will result in the guests feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed and will obviously dampen the evening.


3) Avoid being hurtful

You must carefully examine your script beforehand to make sure that there are no hurtful comments. While most successful emcees understand this fact fully, some of them may still make the mistake of not thinking it through before putting a comment or joke on the script. Perform a detailed scan of the script and understand what you are saying before you go on the stage. You must also avoid controversial comments or introductions and stick to pleasantries only. Adding a reference that you think might be funny may be taken in a wrong way, so stay cautious of hurting anybody’s feelings.


4) Do not apologise

When you are emceeing a huge event, several things can go wrong. The A/V coordinator might go out of tune or the light and sound systems may fail, this happens but it is not your fault. You do not have to apologise for mistakes that are out of your control. A great emcee Singapore emcee will know how to handle these problems in the most formal and entertaining way to avoid embarrassing the sponsors.


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