Bon Appetit-Lah

Emcee Singapore: Bon Appetit-Lah

Bon Appetit-Lah

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted the Bon Appetit-Lah to bring ‘Good Taste with a Twist’ to life as a perfect match for French gastronomy in Singapore, paired with 1664 Blanc and Rose.

Emcee Singapore Charmaine engaged Chef Ming as he introduced three local dishes infused with French elements, at The Refectory SG. 

She also connected with the audience inviting them to have a hands-on experience in preparing each of the specially curated dishes ie. Curry and Comte Gougeres, Croque Monsieur Roti John and Buckwheat Crepes & Calamansi Curd.

During the immersive dining experience, emcee Singapore Charmaine quizzed the guests on their knowledge of 1664 and many guests with the correct answers were delighted with the branded product gifts from 1664.

Charmaine also invited guests to re-invent Chef Ming’s buckwheat crepe recipe and create their crepe with a twist at stations set up within the venue. Everyone had a fun-packed session including face-off competition between Caroline Moreau and Fang Qing Yao, and Charmaine and Chermaine.

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