Brokers’ Night: Power of Partnership

Emcee Singapore: Brokers' Night

Brokers’ Night: Power of Partnership

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted the Brokers’ Night Dinner to celebrate top brokers’ achievements and continued partnership with Income Insurance Limited as they embark on a new journey as a new entity.

Some of the major partners were presented with tokens of appreciation for their unrivaled support. The tokens were a limited edition of HOXXOH Grand Cru with hints of the prestigious 1907 vintage, Jönköping champagne. An interesting fact is that these bottles were ordered by Tsar Nicholas II during the First World War, they spent 82 years at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. 

In appreciation of the brokers’ attendance, they each went home with a very special gift, a Bluetooth speaker that came with a specially curated playlist that celebrates the power of partnership. 

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