Christmas Bazaar 2022

Emcee Singapore: Rapport

Christmas Bazaar 2022

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine welcomed visitors to the Christmas Bazaar showcasing local enterprises that carried out a variety of festive activities and conducted workshops to promote lifelong learning and pick up in-demand skills.

We had artsy experiences at the Succulent Terrarium Workshop, Christmas Bath Bomb Workshops, Christmas Wreath Making and many more!  

Was impressed with the sustainability efforts of local brands towards sustainability, notably Chokmah, that showed participants how they could create unique trinket dishes using eco-friendly materials through colour mixing and casting! They reused scrapes from the coasters to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Another eco-friendly label was paper atelier Print N Matters, that shared a sustainable approach to create upcycled paper from paper pulp in 3 simple steps.

Many retailers showcased lovely festive arts and crafts including:

  • BeFiore, a local homegrown florist with pine collections and poinsettias.
  • Aesthetique  hand-made botanical scented stone items.
  • State of Matter Co. candles made from 100% natural soy wax embedded with fragrant crystals.

On fringe activities, upskilling courses were conducted on mobile photography and mobile videography, where participants learned to take picture-perfect moments on mobile phones.

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