Creative Ideas for Event Entertainment

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Creative Ideas for Event Entertainment

Emcee Singapore: As companies roll out their back-to-office strategies, corporate event planners are primed and ready to plan corporate events for the ages. But you need impactful and exciting speakers, an impressive agenda, a great emcee and unforgettable entertainment.

Whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or virtual, your choice of entertainment can make or break your attendees’ experience. If your entertainment is a hit, employees will be Slacking about the event for weeks and months. In this post, we’ll cover tips for some creative corporate event entertainment ideas as we gear up to bring back the fun.

1. An Escape Room

Escape rooms have proved their staying power, and they’re great for corporate events because they’re the ultimate in team-building. Escape rooms require collaboration, thinking outside the box, and creative problem-solving. Whether you have 1,000 attendees or 25, there are escape rooms built for your next corporate event. And, thanks to the pandemic, there are virtual and hybrid escape rooms, as well as traditional in-person escape rooms, that come to your event and build the experience there.

2. Hire A Live Band

While this idea isn’t groundbreaking, live musical acts are a tried-and-true source of corporate event entertainment. Your emcee Singapore introducing a renowned band is always a welcome surprise. We recommend looking for a home-grown local artist to save on costs, offer your audience something a little different, and support the local economy where your event is taking place.

If your event is virtual or hybrid, consider crowdsourcing the musical entertainment with your attendees to ensure you give them what they want. If you opt for a prominent name at your event, consider finding a way to tie the experience to giving back so that it doesn’t feel tone-deaf in the current economic and global climate.

3. Photo Booth

Photo booths can be an endless source of entertainment and a great way to give attendees something to take home to relive the event for months to come. There are many types of photo booths on the market today for corporate events, including the following:

  • Augmented reality photo booth
  • Green screen photo booth
  • 360-degree photo booths
  • Glam photo booths (think Glamour Shots but 2023)

Many companies offer all of these in-person options and much more, including options for virtual and hybrid audiences worldwide. With all of the photos you can capture at your corporate event, you’ll have plenty of visuals for social media, your careers page, and more.

4. Hire A Magician

Magicians offer a unique form of interactive entertainment that can engage and astonish guests. Close-up magic or mind-reading acts can captivate attendees during cocktail hours or networking sessions while the emcee Singapore facilitates, and stage shows can provide a thrilling focal point for the event. The versatility of magic performances makes them an excellent choice for various corporate events, from conferences to holiday parties.


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