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CNA 938 Podcast

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine and Camilo had a lively discussion with Melanie Oliveiro of CAN 938 to discuss their worldwide travels. The conversation highlighted their experiences in Colombia and China. 

They explored various regions in Colombia, e.g. the untouched La Guajira, a desert area with pristine waters and a unique experience of simplicity and warmth from the local people. They also shared their visit to Valle de Cocorá, known for its cool temperatures and the majestic wax palm trees, where they enjoyed nature through horseback riding.

Camilo reminisced about biking through the scenic landscapes, encountering challenges due to language barriers, and experiencing cultural shocks in Hangzhou and Shanghai, emphasizing the novelty of navigating a country where he couldn’t understand the language. He also shared his visit to Hangzhou, a bustling city known for its connection to Alibaba. 

Join emcee Charmaine and Camilo as they explore the charms of Colombia and China on CNA 938 Daily Cuts.

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