DocuSign Campaign: Media Interview on MONEY FM 89.3

Emcee Singapore: Docusign Money FM 89.3

DocuSign Campaign: Media Interview on MONEY FM 89.3

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine was interviewed live in the studio on MONEY FM 89.3 PrimeTime by Timothy Go on “How businesses can ensure they are authentic in their sustainability initiatives”. They were joined by John Pabon, Sustainability Consultant and Author on Facebook Live from Australia. 

Apart from signing many hosting agreements and home contracts with DocuSign, Charmaine also took to the streets of Singapore to share about the environmental impact the paper industry has created, as part of the DocuSign Sustainability Campaign. 

She asked people, “Did you know that the paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world? And to produce just one sheet of A4 paper, 10 litres of water goes down the drain”. They echoed somewhat similar sentiments like: “Much more than I expected!”, “I’m not sure,” “I’ll try to be more conscious”. Everyone agreed that they would like their workplaces to have more sustainable practices.

John emphasized that sustainability is a great differentiator for businesses versus the competition. And as businesses in the private sector have the resources and capacity, it makes sense for these corporations to initiate the move to reduce paper usage. He also urged companies to find tangible ways to marry the long-term interests of the business and the planet.

Charmaine cited key statistics: the average business is increasing its paper usage by 22% a year and only 3% of workplaces are completely paperless. With this alarming trend, there is urgency to initiate ways within the organisation to reduce paper usage at work.

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