DocuSign Sustainability Campaign on KISS92FM

Emcee Singapore: John Pabon

DocuSign Sustainability Campaign on KISS92FM

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine spoke with John Pabon, sustainability author and consultant, on KISS92FM on the impact of consumer choices on the environment and importance of informed decisions to promote sustainability and work towards creating a greener future.

Charmaine and John had a conversation on KISS92FM about water waste and paper usage. They discussed various environmental issues, including greenwashing i.e. businesses making false claims about their sustainability efforts. 

Charmaine mentioned her involvement as an ambassador for DocuSign’s sustainability campaign, encouraging people to use digital signing instead of printing on paper. She highlighted the fact that it takes 10 litres of water to produce a single sheet of A4 paper and emphasized the need for a holistic approach to saving the world.

During the show, Charmaine and Josh presented ‘Two Truths and A Lie’ about paper usage. The statements were:

i) Nearly half of the paper printed is thrown away daily (truth)

ii) The average office worker uses around 50 kg of paper a year, equivalent to some 10,000 sheets of A4 paper (truth)

iii) The average business is increasing its paper usage by 10%, even with the advancements of technology (lie; because thetruth is 22%).

Charmaine then invited John to discuss the state of the world and corporate efforts in sustainability. They delved into the topic of greenwashing, with John explaining that many brands have realized the profitability of being sustainable and may falsely claim to be green without following through on their promises. He emphasized the importance of consumers doing their own research and due diligence to identify signs of greenwashing, such as vague claims without specific details or the creation of fake certification stamps by marketing teams.

Charmaine mentioned that while reducing plastic usage is essential, it’s also crucial to address paper usage because it contributes to water wastage. She expressed optimism about the future, envisioning a time when corporations compete not only on profits but also on being socially and environmentally responsible. She encouraged listeners to reduce their own printing, embrace e-signatures, and bring their own tote bags when shopping to contribute to positive change.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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