FairPrice Group Townhall 2022

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FairPrice Group Townhall 2022

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted the FairPrice Group (FPG) Townhall to celebrate Our People and announce exciting new programs and initiatives to progress the corporation together as One FairPrice Group.

The FPG kicked off the day with a team-bonding lunch, followed by a series of speeches and wrapped up the event with a panel session.

More than 1,200 participants enjoyed a fun segment called Relate like Fairmily on how well they know their key leaders. 

Group CEO Vipul Chawla shared the findings and outcomes of their recent engagement survey which gathered feedback on whether FPG is a great place to work for everyone.

Fitness coaches energized everyone with a few moves that all FPG staff can use when they are working from home or in the office.

The management announced a new progressive wage model and refreshed benefits programs. They kept an open communication on FPG financials, and launched the innovative TRUST Bank. The panel answered questions posed by participants and clarified pertinent policies and strategies. 

Elaine Heng, Deputy Group CEO and CEO (Retail Business) congratulated all 3 winning teams of the FairPrice App design competition and presented the BUILDer award to the champion team from Digital Food Services.

Emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee ended the townhall on a high note  – calling all FPG staff to shine a light to build a brighter future together.

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