Feed9Billion Media Preview

Feed9Billion Media Preview

Emcee Singapore : Charmaine hosted the media preview for Feed9Billion Singapore Restaurant Week at 1-Atico. 

Charmaine extended a warm welcome to all distinguished guests, including Minister of State Alvin Tan, to the event organised with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board, as part of Singapore Food Festival 2022. It is especially significant that a food technology and sustainability section had been included for the first time in this year’s line-up of culinary experiences.  

Feed9B is a social enterprise that aims to build an open food ecosystem, enabling collaborations amongst start-ups, small businesses, corporates, institutions and government agencies to promote food sustainability and innovation.

Many locally produced brands, such as Shiok Meats, Avant Meats, Umami Meats and Aleph Farms, exhibited their cultured meats and CoolHaus showcased their animal free dairy fermentation innovations. 

These start-ups had adopted an innovative approach to produce cell-based or plant-based meats, seafood and ice-cream with a focus on species that are expected to experience supply-side shortages in the coming years due to climate change, overfishing and growing consumer demand. 

Participating restaurants that had incorporated interesting foodtech cuisines in their Western, Italian, Eastern and Fusion menus, included Monti, Canopy, Straits Chinese Nonya Kitchen, Cali, 1826, Boruto and Yumcha.

Emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee invited guests of the launch of Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week to join a Charity Gala Dinner, where proceeds were donated to Farms to Families, run by Food From the Heart.

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