How to be a Good Podcast Host

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How to be a Good Podcast Host

Emcee Singapore: Hosting a podcast interview isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. So, what makes a good podcast host?

A podcast host is the creator, the mediator and the glue that binds a show together. Hosts play a crucial role in the success of any podcast because it’s not just about having quality audio, there needs to be a leading voice at the helm. So how do you become a good podcast host? Many of the traits of a good podcast host coincide with that of being a good emcee Singapore emcee of an event!

With so much information and advice saying that you should just “be yourself,” it’s almost impossible to know precisely how to be a good podcast host in any meaningful or actionable way – especially in the beginning. While you want to bring your own authentic voice to a show, becoming a top-tier podcast host takes a certain level of patience, skill and practice.


1) Do Your Homework

While no one expects you to be an expert (that’s what the guest is for anyway), it’s never wise to go into an episode completely unaware of your guest or their expertise. Having a solid understanding of a topic can offer a different perspective, give you focus and fuel a more profound understanding that will benefit your listeners.

A great host or emcee Singapore emcee can provide hard-to-find information that targets a listener’s specific pain point or knowledge gap.

One of the primary purposes of starting a podcast is to be the “go-to” guy or gal within your specific industry or niche. If you constantly have well-informed content and push conversations with great guest questions, you start to build a foundation of trust. It’s that trust with your audience that will resonate beyond just downloads and listens. It’s well documented that listener trust will spill over into a host’s other endeavors, including following them on social media, purchasing products or services, converting into a client, or simply becoming a brand advocate.

As you’re researching, formulate a bullet list of all the important and valuable takeaways from your findings and use this list as a reference guide.


2) Who Are You Talking To?

Your audience plays a big part in how you work as a host. After all, the end result is for them, not for you. You need to be tapping into what they need the most. A good podcast host or emcee Singapore emcee should speak to the audience almost as if they are friends. Taking this approach helps listeners connect with you and your content on a much more emotional level.

Your podcast audience shouldn’t be “everyone.” A podcast made for everyone will often lack personality, direction, and meaningful content. Appealing to all might feel like the ideal selling point, but it could affect how you focus your marketing efforts. You wouldn’t try to sell scuba diving flippers to a long-distance runner – so why should your podcast be any different?

So, who should you be speaking to?

Defining an ideal listener (also known as an avatar) will give you a clearer vision. Imagine your perfect listener. Give them a name, age, occupation, home life – everything. Everything you do and every piece of content you create is in service to that one person.


3) Listen

A good host knows when they’re heading toward the right direction, largely thanks to their audience. If your listener base cares a jot about you, they will gladly chime in if you ask them for feedback. Feedback is crucial for evolving your podcast, so if something isn’t working and your audience is telling you, LISTEN. Then, take action, improve, develop and create the kind of content your listeners want to hear.


4) Be Authentic

Listeners value a host’s authenticity over almost every other podcast component. If the content appears to be unscripted and personal, the higher a show tends to score in the Apple Podcast ratings, regardless of genre, speaker, or topic.

Podcasts are an incredibly intimate medium. Someone is literally speaking to you, on your headphones, in your personal bubble.

This phenomenon is known as parasocial interaction, a notion coined by sociologists Donald Horton and Richard Wohl. In a recent survey, 83% of podcast listeners said their favorite podcast hosts felt like friends. Considering that over half the US population alone are tuning into podcasts daily, it appears that most of us are just looking for a no-strings-attached buddy.

What this means for hosts is that there is a lot of room for authenticity. If you’re striving to be an engaging podcast host, this parasocial interaction and deeply personal connection is something you should be adopting. The best way to create these relationships is just to be yourself. Audiences love a host that show their vulnerability, genuineness, humor, and individuality.

Use your everyday language and slang. If you have a particular point of view, express it! Tell personal stories, recount your mistakes, laugh, and above all, be human.


5) A Simple “Thank You” Goes A Long Way

Thank your audience. After all, listeners have invested their most precious commodity in you: their time. Everyone is busy, so busy that time may be considered a more valuable asset than money.

Think about it, your audience is an intrinsic part of your podcast; you would fail if it weren’t for them. They give your podcast direction, help bring your voice forward and provide feedback so your show can evolve and grow. That’s why you should always strive to thank your listeners at the end of every single episode and beyond.

So, thank them for their support. Maybe create a “thank you” Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram video. Include your listeners in your success, especially when you celebrate milestones. For example, have you just reached your 100th episode or hit 1,000 subscribers? Then tell your audience about it on social media. Maybe host a giveaway, or have a special message dedicated to just them in your next episode.

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