How to be an Emcee for a Wedding

Emcee Singapore: Wedding Emcee

How to be an Emcee for a Wedding

Emcee Singapore: Congratulations, you have been asked to emcee a wedding, learn some important tips and tricks to ensure you are the best emcee possible.

To be asked to emcee a wedding is an honor and a great responsibility. Do not take this role lightly, there is a lot that goes in to being a good emcee. We hope this article makes you feel in control, organized and limit your feelings of overwhelm.


1)  Understanding The Role of a Wedding Emcee

To put it bluntly, the role of a Wedding emcee is to facilitate the event and make sure everything runs to schedule. An emcee will assist with the coordination of the wedding reception and ensure that speeches, meals and formalities are introduced, managed and run on time. The best way for this to happen effectively is to work to a detailed running order that the happy couple have put together, in conjunction with venue, vendors and yourself.


2) Being Early

Being early, not just on the wedding day itself, but about your preparation for the big day is vital. Do not leave the preparation to the last minute. Arrive at the reception venue earlier than the other guests. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings, introduce yourself to the venue staff, vendors, suppliers. Locate the amenities and facilities. Perform a soundcheck of the PA and microphone. Calm the nerves and feel in control.

Keep to a schedule throughout the event. The running order will be your best friend! Liaise with the venue and catering staff throughout the wedding to ensure the meal service is on time. Often the meal timings help dictate when the speeches and formalities take place.


3) Research Info About the Couple and Wedding Events

Grab a bite and sit down with the happy couple well in advance of the event to do some research. Make them aware that you have the emcee role under control and that they can trust you.

Find out some great information about the people you need to introduce or mention at the reception. Stick to the script as you do not want to accidentally speak out of term or take content from someone else’s speech. Ensure you have correct names and pronunciation in your notes (perhaps write names phonetically to help with your introduction).

Find out what the pre-wedding plans are, plans between ceremony and reception and how you can help to manage the timelines and guests expectations. Research if any of the other speakers will need managing, ‘reeling in’, 5 minute warning, briefed, assisted to the microphone and so on.

Research event and vendor details for your notes. Who is in charge of meal service, music, what type of AV are you using? Are there any guest activities? Transport at the end of the night?

What are the general items that you may need to introduce, for instance housekeeping, meal service, dance floor opening, cake cutting and so on. What topics should be avoided?

Do you have any leeway to improvise or add content? If so you may like to run your ideas past the couple first as this is their big day and you do not want to say anything that rubs them the wrong way.


4) Some Quick Pointers

Focus on humour, not humiliation. Yet remember that you are not the entertainment, you are the ‘host’ so do not speak for too long a length. Short and sharp introductions are perfect and entertaining. Often the guests will appreciate having more time to mingle and socialise.

Do not double up on other peoples speeches. Ask the happy couple to remind their speakers to stick to allocated time limits, it is much nicer coming from them (rather than you). Clear communication is key.

Avoid consuming too much alcohol, as this often effects emcee Singapore emcee’s performance, memory, and understanding of where the event is up to.

Always be aware of the time (i.e. wear a watch or have phone).

Practice the pronunciation of names, places, key points. Before you make an important announcement or introduce someone, make sure VIPS or the speaker is in the room and ready.

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