How To Prepare Great Questions For Your Podcast Guest

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How To Prepare Great Questions For Your Podcast Guest

Emcee Singapore: One of the most difficult parts of hosting and emceeing a podcast is finding ways to make your remote interviews unique. After all, it seems like everyone has an interview-style podcast these days. At least a few of your questions need to be a bit more specific to your niche and your interviewee in question.

After all, you’ll need to ask the right questions to allow your guest to open up and share what they really have to offer your audience. Asking the standard “tell me about yourself” and “what do you do?” will only get you so far, and your listeners could probably Google those answers for themselves.

So how do you come up with great questions for a high-quality remote podcast?

1. Do Your Research

Don’t make the mistake of showing up to the interview without knowing basic information about your guest; it’ll come off as unprofessional and rude for an emcee Singapore. But beyond that, learning about your interviewee’s life and achievements will likely spark more question ideas.

Are you interviewing the CEO of a company? Research their industry as well. Knowing as much as you can about your guest and their area of expertise will help you think of unique and probing questions that your guest may not have been asked a hundred times already.

Social media can be a great research tool, too. Find your interviewee’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn feeds and see what they’re posting about. Also, you can tag them (with their permission) in a post to your own page asking your fans to send in questions for an upcoming interview.

2. Keep Your Goals in Mind

In the end, your podcast is supposed to be providing value to your audience. So what is the value you hope to give them from this interview?

Will your guest be teaching life hacks, revealing academic knowledge, or providing a much-needed laugh? Keep your end result in mind so that you can steer the conversation in the right direction.

3. Find a Signature Question

One fun way to tie all of your podcast episodes together is to come up with a question that only you ask every guest (usually at the end of the episode). Think of something that relates to your podcast title or niche; for instance, if your podcast is in the productivity niche, make it a habit to ask each guest for their favorite productivity hack.

4. Stay Flexible

One aspect that makes podcasts so much more interesting than other forms of informational media is the interplay between interviewer and guest.

Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions if your instincts are telling you there’s more to be uncovered. You don’t need to stick to your script the whole time! This essential skill can be honed for all your emcee Singapore gigs.

Also, be sure to actually listen to your guest’s responses rather than preparing to ask your next question. Build rapport with your guest, and cultivate an organic conversation that feels authentic to your listener.

Podcast Questions to Avoid Asking

While asking the best questions is paramount, it’s also important to know which types of questions to avoid. Keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid questions that your guest is always asked. If they appear on many interview podcasts and shows, they’re probably asked the same thing over and over again. Even if you need to get basic or surface-level information out there for your audience, try to find a unique angle on the question.
  • Don’t phrase questions negatively. Some questions may deal with negative topics—like failures or insults—but they are phrased in a lighthearted way. Practice giving your guest room to take their answer in a hopeful or optimistic direction as the emcee Singapore.
  • Don’t ask personal questions first. Of course, no interview would be interesting without those deep questions—but warm up your guest by starting with a few less-invasive inquiries. Save the most probing questions for last, when you’ve built a rapport and an atmosphere of trust.

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