Inside The Spotlight with Drea Chong

Emcee Singapore: Drea Chong

Inside The Spotlight with Drea Chong

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine chatted with Drea Chong, a professional blogger and influencer, who has gained a following of 296,000 followers on Instagram and over 5,190 subscribers on YouTube as of May 2023. 

She shared insights into how she continues to utilize her platform to create content for her Instagram feed to showcase her personal style and fashion choices. With her following on Instagram and YouTube, Drea sees her platform as an opportunity to inspire others and connect with her audience. 

Beyond her social media presence, Charmaine talked to Drea Chong about her venture into entrepreneurship. She uses her brand to share her own fashion sense in her label called Good Addition. Prior to that, she had already gained experience in fashion design by creating capsule collections for local labels. 

They discussed Drea’s personal life of balancing motherhood and work by having a strong support system, being flexible, practicing self-care and setting boundaries.

She is juggling motherhood with her career as an influencer and entrepreneur is undoubtedly challenging, but Drea has found a way to balance both aspects of her life. 

As a parent in the modern era, Drea recognizes the importance of adapting to the technological advancements of this generation. She acknowledges that her children will be tech-savvy and emphasizes the need to teach them how to navigate the digital world. Drea and her husband, Imran, understand the significance of staying informed and evolving with the times to effectively raise their children.

Drea Chong’s journey from a blogshop model to a successful influencer and fashion entrepreneur is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She continues to inspire others through her content, while also prioritizing her family and sharing her experiences of balancing motherhood and work.

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