Inside The Spotlight with Natalie Dau

Emcee Singapore Natalie Dau

Inside The Spotlight with Natalie Dau

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted an engaging and informative conversation on Inside The Spotlight podcast with Natalie Dau on her inspiring fitness journey on health and well-being. 

Charmaine focused on Natalie’s own personal growth and insightful experiences. They talked about Natalie’s strict discipline on healthy diet and morning runs to strong determination to stay motivated to outdo herself in new physical and mental marathon challenges, despite having rheumatoid arthritis and deep vein thrombosis herself.

Here is a short excerpt on fitness and health from emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee’s podcast –

Charmaine: Tell us why you signed up for a 200 kms ultra marathon. 

Natalie: The furthest I’d done before was 160 kms so I wanted to just see if I could do it (200 kms), first and foremost. And it was in Malaysia which was in a place called Titi. It’s about an hour outside of Kuala Lumpur. So you are on roads with no street lights, with wild dogs chasing you, pretty much the whole time. I was running with a stick, so that makes it interesting. 

Charmaine : Did you know what you were getting yourself into? 

Natalie: I knew that it was going to be hard. I’d done lots of racing in Malaysia before, but this was next level. There were a lot of hill climbs and running through the night and running for 30 hours was crazy. 

We’ve already got comments that she’s crazy and strong. Yeah, oh I like it. Strong is the word. Yeah, mentally strong too. I was face timing Matt during the race ….. going – like, I don’t think I can do this. 

Charmaine: You were face timing your husband, back in Singapore? Is that allowed?

Natalie: Yeah, you can do that. You can’t listen to music, but you know you have to carry a phone legally in case something happens to you. 

Charmaine: How does a phone battery last the whole time? Does somebody send you a power bank on the side? 

Natalie: No, just have a battery. You’re not using it, and it’s turned off most of the time. 

Charmaine: That you’re not allowed to listen to music. Actually, can I understand this? Why is that the case? 

Natalie: It’s a safety thing. As we’re running on roads, they want you to be aware, as I said, there’re dogs, there’re monkeys …. all sorts of things. So you need to have your wits about you and also they want to make it harder for you. 

Charmaine: Talk to me about running in the dark.

Natalie: You’re in a very isolated place and just wearing a headlamp. And there was one spot, I was actually running with one of the other participants at the time, and we could hear all these dogs howling, hundreds of them, and we couldn’t see them, but we could hear them. But you have the lights. Yeah, but they were out in the distance. 

And so I said to him, you’re running with men because I don’t want to run alone. And the course was actually 210 kms loops, so I thought the next day I’ll be back running this andI’ll see where I was in the daylight, which was a bit spooky. I realized we’d been running through a cemetery at the time. 

Charmaine: Oh that gave me the chills. You mentioned in your Instagram post that you had hallucinations towards the end. 

Natalie: I had some insane hallucinations I was having from my lack of sleep.

I didn’t realize I was sort of going backwards and forwards across the road towards the end in the last 10 kms and so there were marshals on the course saying, are you okay? But you know, seeing crazy things, things in the clouds. I thought there were babies around. Yeah, I thought people were coming out of the trees. It was really insane. 

Charmaine: And did somebody snap you out of it?

Natalie: No, I just sort of realized when I got to that point. Oh, there is no one here, it’s just a tree. So it just kept coming and I knew I would hallucinate at some point, so I’m like, okay, this is a hallucination, but it’s pretty out there. It is. 

Charmaine: Did you think your husband was talking to you?

Natalie: He wasn’t in any of them. But everyone says she’s a champ and you’re always on the podium. Yes, I know I came in first woman and third overall behind the guys. So, obviously I race my hardest but it’s always nice when you cross the line first. I mean here’s what I really want to understand, right?

Charmaine:  I’m going to ask you a crazy question – do you plan to outdo yourself with another (ultra run)? 

Natalie: If you had asked me straight after that, I would have said no. But now we’re three months later. Never say never.

Charmaine: You’ve had some health challenges yourself.

Natalie: Yes, I have rheumatoid arthritis, so that’s ongoing and I won’t take medication for that. I don’t want to take steroids. Doctors love to give it to you, obviously, because it’s an easy fix so for me I know my body when I’m stressed or tired when I’ve drunk alcohol and when I’ve eaten red meat it flares up massively for me so I try to avoid those things. And the other one is deep vein thrombosis. I had ten blood clots in my left leg.

Charmaine: When was this?

Natalie: This was actually just before I got pregnant. So I wore those medical stockings, 24/7 for two years and during pregnancy and directly after, which was interesting, and blood thinners and the whole bit. So that’s something that I am dealing with. 

Charmaine: But none of this has stopped you from doing 200 kms. I’m sure you talk to your doctors, but what if this stuff acts up?

Natalie: I have regular checkups and regular blood work, but there’s people doing some great things with a lot worse medical conditions.

Charmaine: Wow! That’s like it’s a newfound respect!!

Listen to the full Inside the Spotlight 💫 podcast here –

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