Inside The Spotlight with @Tamchiak

Emcee Singapore: Tamchiak

Inside The Spotlight with @Tamchiak

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine had an interesting conversation with @Tamchiak on her favourite eating place, top food choice and the one dish that best represents Singapore.

@Tamchiak started her journey in the food world with an internship at a Chinese food magazine. Her initial goal was to document her writings online and use them as a portfolio to secure a job after graduation. 

However, her hobby soon turned into a full-time passion. She aspired to become an influencer in the food industry, even though it’s a highly competitive field. She understood the importance of not just taking nice photos and posting them but also delving into the history and origins of each dish.

On emcee Singapore Charmaine’s question on sustaining her work, @Tamchiak shared that she focuses on staple foods that she could enjoy and write about daily. While she acknowledged the temptation of trying different cuisines like French or Italian, she found that hawker meals offered the consistency she needed for daily content creation.

When it comes to food photography, @Tamchiak has a few tips to share. She typically tries to capture dry noodles, a bowl of soup, and perhaps a coffee in a triangular arrangement, with the primary focus on the front bowl. She avoids using the phone flash as it can be too harsh and prefers using a small light source for night photography.

@Tamchiak has a food team that assists with video production, but the writing remains her voice, especially when dealing with strong flavors. On food recommendations, she mentioned to emcee Singapore Charmaine that everyone has different taste buds. She personally enjoys relatively mild, non-spicy food.

It’s fascinating to hear that @Tamchiak embarked on a culinary venture in collaboration with a local actor. Their shared passion for food brought them together, and when the right opportunity presented itself, they decided to pursue it. .

She emphasized that it’s not just about the grand opening in Hougang but also the meticulous planning and finding the right partners. She curated a selection of stalls run by some of her favourite local hawkers.

When asked by emcee Singapore Charmaine on running her venture, she highlighted the importance of effective management of people as a significant part of operating her business successfully. It requires managing suppliers, dealing with manpower issues, and maintaining cleanliness. 

Despite the challenges, she believes in sustainability. She acknowledges the importance of passing down cultural and culinary traditions to the next generation.

@Tamchiak mentioned that she has many hawker friends who share new stalls and happenings with her regularly. Her favorite eating place is Serangoon North block 151, and her top hawker food choice is laksa. She believes that bak chor mee best represents Singapore and enjoys a place near her house for this dish. Notably, she insists on paying for all her meals and doesn’t accept freebies.

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