Inside The Spotlight with Tyen Rasif

Emcee Singapore: Tyen Rasif

Inside The Spotlight with Tyen Rasif

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted the Inside The Spotlight podcast with Tyen Rasif, fitness YouTuber, to talk about her struggles with weight disorders during her younger days, using her muscular physique to overcome societal stereotypes and challenging herself to outdo AI trainer ChatGPT.

During the podcast, Tyen opened up about her past struggles with weight disorders. She shared that during her teenage years, she battled depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, which led her to weigh only 38 kg at that time. She eventually made significant lifestyle changes to improve her physical and mental well-being.

Emcee Singapore Charmaine discussed the positive transformation in her life beginning with her fitness journey, which began in 2014. Tyen found solace in weightlifting and competing in physique competitions. She revealed that she has achieved feats in her training, including deadlifting up to 120 kg and squatting up to 80 kg.

Tyen faced societal pressures to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, which took a toll on her mental and physical well-being. Standing at 165 cm, she competed in the Miss Universe Singapore 2018 pageant, boldly embracing her unique body type and pushing boundaries further.

When emcee Singapore Charmaine asked if ChatGPT can replace a personal trainer, Tyen said there are limitations like it doesn’t have that person to work out with you and motivate you to keep you accountable. She felt the human connection, empathy, and personal growth cannot be replicated by technology alone. 

Tyen shared her story on her singing journey and performing live shows. Tyen said that she was influenced by her family’s passion for singing and started her singing journey at a young age. She mentioned that she enjoys performing live and connecting with her audience through music.

Charmaine asked Tyen how she responds to performing in a bar setting where guests may be busy drinking or not fully engaged. Tyen acknowledged that it can be challenging. However, she emphasized the importance of staying focused and giving her best performance regardless of the audience’s behaviour. She believes that as a performer, it’s her responsibility to captivate the audience and create an enjoyable experience for them.

By sharing Tyen’s struggles, triumphs, and insights on Inside The Spotlight, emcee Singapore Charmaine  hopes to inspire and empower others who may be facing similar challenges. Together, we can build a community that embraces diversity, celebrates uniqueness and supports one another in our personal growth journeys.

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