KISS92 Radio Presenter / Event Host

Emcee Singapore: KISS92 Radio Presenter / Event Host

KISS92 Radio Presenter / Event Host

Charmaine realize she’d officially been ON AIR for 12 years now! Thank you so much for listening, texting, coming up to share your radio moment on KISS92FM on The Afternoon Scoop with me and putting up with my occasional weirdness!

More than a radio presenter, Charmaine is also an event host and professional emcee. From facilitating panel discussions and corporate events to award ceremonies and product launches, Charmaine gets to connect and engage with my audience.

In a recent interview, Charmaine was asked which I prefer – hosting events or hosting on radio? The truth is they’re different. Personally, she feels they go really well together, and I try to balance both. What she likes most is the human connection and stories that she is privileged to share through the mic, and she remains very grateful for that. This is what brings her joy in what she does.

Qifen Wang, Founder of SEVENTY2 said it succinctly : 

 “I was telling Charmaine Yee that she emceed our first event of the year and fast forward 11 months later, she emceed our last event of the year! Looking back at the pics, we went from fully-masked to totally maskless, which shows the progress we made over the past 1 year! 

Separately, it’s a joy working with like-minded partners who value the #quality of work and #teamwork! Anyone who’s looking for an energetic #eventemcee, please call Charmaine!”

Wrapping up my 19th year hosting as Singapore emcee with a few more events. she’s still learning, always growing and can’t wait to step into the 20th year in 2023!

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