Launch of LifeHub+ Personalised Health App

Emcee Singapore: Launch of Lifehub+

Launch of LifeHub+ Personalised Health App

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted the launch of LifeHub+, a brand new digital health service from StarHub together with partner Alexandra Hospital, in collaboration with ConnectedLife with Fitbit. ​

LifeHub+ is a personalised health and lifestyle app which integrates consenting users’ Fitbit data.

Users can choose to share their Fitbit data through the LifeHub+ app, and receive dynamic health scores, data alerts and metrics which gives them simple, clear insights into their health for tracking and daily improvement. 

LifeHub+ is digitally anchoring Singaporeans to a family doctor, general practitioner (GP), and health coaches to manage or delay onset of chronic health conditions via a dedicated secure LifeHub+ dashboard.g

LifeHub+ can also be programmed to nudge users to improve their health, eg. to reduce sedentary time throughout the day, and can be used to toggle reminders on medication, exercise, or scheduling medical check-ups.

Alexandra Hospital (AH) is the first hospital to onboard the new service and it is helping to connect the GPs in the western region to this. 

StarHub is leveraging their expertise in connectivity, to create a digital holistic health service that helps doctors channel attentive care for their consenting patients.

This public-private tie-up between StarHub and Alexandra Hospital aims to build closer ties between patients and their care team, especially with family doctors who act as the first line of care. 

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