National Day Celebrations

Emcee Singapore National Day Celebrations

National Day Celebrations

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine engaged and interacted with an exclusive audience on a special National Day webinar, Celebrate Local, a trivia night on all things Singaporean.

The livestream was filled with laughter, singing and dancing as Charmaine bantered with the audience on Singaporean stories and memories. They shared the unique Singaporean pot of cultures, habits, food and of course, the biggest mash-up of all – our very own colloquial language – Singlish!

Audience waved and laughed using good ol’ quirky collectibles eg. flags, five stones, chapteh, etc. from the fun-pack, and savoured the amazing selections of delectable kueh pre-delivered to members.

They also met the working team behind the scenes, and some key people like Executive Officer for 25Hours Singapore, Kevin Ou.

Participants were tested on their knowledge of iconic places, people, contributions and shows that define Singapore’s 57 years of history. Emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee stepped up the friendly competition in four intense rounds of the Trivia Game.

It started with local flavour Makan Makan, and continued with a quintessential slice of Singapore Idol, Long Before Your Time and wrapped up with SG United.

The fun-filled night ended on a high note with the five lucky winners picking their choice bundle of dining and merchandise experiences.


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