New Beginnings in 2023

Emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee New Beginnings 2023

New Beginnings in 2023

What will you leave behind in 2022? What are you bringing to 2023? 

Celebrating the great, letting go of the bad habits and what Charmaine’ll like to invite more of next year!

Charmaine’d the most rejuvenating break from the unforgettable road trip to Israel and Jordan. In my relationship, we often talk about the good, the bad and what we can improve on. That got me thinking – why not do that for the year since it’s coming to an end? 

Here’s what makes 2022 great:

Grateful that this has been one of our busiest hosting years yet since the pandemic!

❤️Loving moments of adulting and moved into a beautiful apartment.

❤️Found a great combination of various therapies that have been integral to my mental health journey.

❤️Balanced my time between work, relationship and time with family. 

Charmaine’d always evaluating ways to improve different aspects of my life and focus on the activities without burning out so some bad habits must go.

So these are the bad habits I’m leaving behind in 2022:
💛Comparing myself to others. The saying is true – this is the thief of joy.
💛 Working nonstop at the expense of my fitness and health. 
💛 People pleasing. This one has cost me a lot of unhappiness and I am learning to be better at this. 

In exchange, I’m going to invite more of:
💚Acceptance of myself and truly loving myself
💚 Quality relationships with those around me 
💚 More meaningful work 
💚 Being curious and learning new skills

2023 is going to be fantastic!!!