Putting Your Best Voice Forward For Public Speaking

Putting Your Best Voice Forward For Public Speaking

Emcee Singapore: Public Speaking is about using your voice to capture the attention of your audience. What you project can make or break your presentation. Even if you have everything you want to say written out perfectly, this won’t guarantee that you will be effectively heard. The way you project your voice is key in getting your message to your audience. How can you hook your listeners and keep them interested?

Speak With Confidence & Clarity

If you want to be clearly understood, being shy is not an option. Confidence allows public speakers to speak with clarity. When you are calm and focused, you can manage your thoughts better. A confident emcee Singapore speaker engages the audience in ways that one who is clearly not assured cannot. When you are confident, you naturally become more engaging, and that leads to a better connection and rapport with the audience.

Create Contrast In Your Speech

Contrast is crucial to creating an overall positive impact on your audience. There’s nothing more boring than having to listen to a speaker who constantly stares at their notes or speaks in a monotonous voice, like a robot. Use pauses and find the right balance in your pacing. Similarly, pitch and volume can also provide the secret to keeping your audience engaged.

Ensure You Stay Hydrated

Such a simple tip, but one that can go a long way. Keeping hydrated allows your voice to be in peak condition. When your vocal cords and larynx exist in a warm, moist environment, your voice system remains at an optimal level of performance. It is also important to stay hydrated before a speech as it stops your voice from sounding bad and can prevent you from getting tongue-tied.

Do Breathing Exercises

Our fight-or-flight response is triggered by stress. If you become tense when speaking in public, it’s likely your body will perceive this to be dangerous for you, and your body will respond accordingly. This might mean you start to come across as being breathless in your speech, or you may unconsciously start running through your slides or speech too quickly.

Always Have Good Posture

Stand up straight at all times. Having excellent posture can make a world of difference by mentally and physically. If you have great posture you will feel calm and confident. This will really translate into how your audience perceives you, and how they receive the information you are providing. It also leads to greater voice projection, and you don’t have to shout to be heard, even in a big room.


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