SIM Future of Work

SIM Future of Work

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine Yee hosted the inaugural annual SIM Future of Work series, graced by Minister for Education, Chan Chun Sing. The event brought together eminent leaders, including Sir James Dyson, Chairman and Founder of Dyson.

Addressing 110 guests comprising C-suite leaders from a myriad of industries, including the public sector, technology, manufacturing, logistics and e-commerce, Mr Chan noted that it is not enough to learn today’s solutions to solve today’s problems. “We need our students and our learners to anticipate and understand tomorrow’s challenges, frame them properly and seek the solutions for tomorrow’s challenges ahead of time,” he said. 

In the evolving work environment, individuals who can command a premium are those who can continuously learn, look ahead to seek solutions and collaborate with others. 

Sir James laid out the landscape of today’s world of learning and work. He said: “Education is a never-ending continuum.”

Over two panel discussions, the distinguished leaders from progressive industries had conversations on the evolution of the world of work, with the aim of retaining talent. 

Companies that excel at helping workers change roles internally are able to retain them for more than five years, compared with an average of under three years for firms that struggle with doing so, according to a 2022 report on workplace learning, said Feon Ang, Managing Director APAC, LinkedIn.

In the last three years, Yuen Kuan Moon, Group Chief Executive Officer, SingTel said that SingTel has helped 1,200 employees convert from one role to another as their jobs became obsolete, he said.

On learning, Mr John Churchill, Chief Technology Officer, Dyson said that learning should also be about listening and exploring. “We encourage that as part of our process in our research. Being inquisitive is very much a part of working at Dyson.” he said.

Through rapid changes in roles and jobs, what gives employees a sense of growth in their careers is ultimately a sense of purpose, said Microsoft Singapore’s managing director Lee Hui Li.

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