Singapore Women’s Weekly April 2023

Emcee Singapore: Women's Weekly April 2023

Singapore Women’s Weekly April 2023

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine and Camilo were interviewed by Singapore Women’s Weekly on her egg freezing journey, the couple’s prepping for parenthood and Charmaine’s returning to hosting work from mid-July 2023.

Her egg-freezing journey

Charmaine opted for the procedure after her 35th birthday last year. 

“The first few visits involved the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test to check my level of fertility, the prescription of necessary vitamins and supplements, blood tests, and the necessary vaccines to ensure my body was suitable before hormone medication was introduced.”

Then there was the four-stage egg-freezing process, from administering daily hormone injections to the final oocyte (an immature ovum, or egg cell) recovery and fertilisation stage. 

“Eventually, we successfully retrieved 12 oocytes, which gave me peace of mind to know that I had “extra chances” in the bank. 

A pleasant surprise

Her pregnancy journey has been filled with new discoveries. 

It has also strengthened her relationship with Camilo, and has made them think about a life that’s beyond theirs. She says, “It gives us a lot of motivation and purpose as we evolve from being a couple to being parents.”

“I am confident that I have a good support system including a personal trainer, a job that I can return to, and a village I can rely on to balance parenthood and a career.”

Staying fit and eating right

Physical movement has been beneficial and Charmaine has been taking long walks a few times a week, doing pregnancy stretches, and doing weekly strength training.

She also shares that they have been fortunate to have brands speak with them and clarify any doubts they have had. “Every bit of advice and learning has made this otherwise daunting new phase so much easier to navigate. This is also why I’ve started a What I wish I knew series on my Instagram page (@yeecharmaine).”

Of Camilo as a dad, Charmaine feels that he would be a hands-on, fun and caring father. In fact, he has already started singing Spanish songs and reading bedtime stories in both Spanish and English to their baby. 

“We’ve talked about the kind of parents we wish to be and constantly communicate with each other. In my opinion, that makes for a good team and a good foundation for parenting.” 

Prepping for the baby and parenting duties

The pair have started preparing the essentials for both mother and baby, and have partnered Mothercare for the likes of baby strollers and high chairs. They are also working with PEM Confinement Nanny Agency to give Charmaine time to rest, recover and ease into the journey of motherhood.

On postpartum meals, they have collaborated with Tian Wei Signatures and ReLacto for confinement food to help nourish her body for recuperating and breastfeeding.

Camilo has been every part the reassuring and supportive husband in this journey to parenthood, Charmaine tells us. They have discussed fitness, nutrition and finances, and baby prep as well as what he could do to support her.

“He shares my excitement and accompanies me to every doctor’s visit. When our doctor told us the importance of protein during pregnancy, he made it his mission to ensure that I meet my daily protein intake.”

They have also collaborated with Thomson Medical and have secured a VIP suite to receive their friends and family post-delivery. 

Work Schedule Ahead

Charmaine shares “I’ve also felt well enough to host events till I was almost six months pregnant.”

She says, “In my case, the daily radio show on Kiss92 is one where I don’t have to be standing for long periods of time. I have also pivoted to hosting regional virtual events, hosting for corporate podcasts, and voice-over work.”

As for her maternity leave, she’s planning to take two months off her radio duties and hosting, but plans to be back in mid-July 2023, or when she can. 

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