Emcee Singapore: TOKEN2049


Emcee Singapore: Charmaine hosted TOKEN2049, the largest crypto event in the world in 2023. With 10,000 attendees and 80% of them being international, it shows the significance of bringing together the huge community to discuss latest developments and trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain space. 

More than 250 speakers from leading Web3 companies and projects shared a wide range of topics and provided valuable insights into the industry’s global developments and trends. They lend their voices on crypto-native and institutional perspectives in shaping the ecosystem and tapping on its vast opportunities.

Founders and executives of more than 5,000 companies gathered for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to drive continued growth and innovation within the industry.

There were also over 250 international media, over 300 exhibitors and over 400 side events throughout Singapore for TOKEN2049 week.

The conference had a packed agenda filled with insightful discussion on a vast range of topics, including Web3 gaming, DeFi, The Metaverse, Convergence of AI and Crypto, Scaling Blockchains, Regulation, Global Macro, and many more.

TOKEN2049 was at the center stage right before the F1 Singapore Grand Prix. Hundreds of independently organized side events added to TOKEN2049’s presence, creating a week of non-stop learning and networking. During the week, there were a wide range of meetups, workshops, hackathons, dinners and parties, in exceptional venues like Ce La Vi, banging crazy with DJs flying in From Europe.

TOKEN2049 was a resounding success, and Singapore was transformed into a vibrant crypto hub.

Emcee Singapore: TOKEN2049 2