Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium

Emcee Singapore: Tour De France 2023

Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium

Emcee Singapore: Charmaine spoke to TDF’s greatest cyclists Mark Cavendish, Tadej Pogačar and Jasper Philipsen on their pre-race rituals, achievements and misunderstandings of professional cyclists.

It’s fascinating to hear about the insights from these prominent cyclists and the role Prudential is playing in promoting health and wellness through cycling. 

The key points highlighted in the conversation with emcee Singapore Charmaine Yee are:

Cyclists’ Pre-Race Rituals and Superstitions: Mark Cavendish, Tadej Pogačar, and Jasper Philipsen have some common pre-race rituals and superstitions. They avoid wearing new jerseys and have “good luck” innerwear. These rituals are not uncommon among the 3 cyclists, as they have their own traditions or habits they believe bring them luck or success.

Cycling Achievements of Mark Cavendish, Tadej Pogačar, and Jasper Philipsen: The three cyclists have remarkable achievements. Mark Cavendish is celebrated for matching the Tour de France stage win record with 34 victories. Tadej Pogačar, from Slovenia, won the Tour de France in 2020 and 2021 and achieved a rare feat by winning three different jerseys during each Tour. Jasper Philipsen is known as one of the fastest sprinters in the current cycling circuit and has claimed several stage wins in the Tour de France.

Misunderstandings About Professional Cyclists: The cyclists emphasize that professional cyclists are often misunderstood. They want people to know that they work hard and regularly practice and strategize, similar to other professional athletes. This insight humanizes these elite athletes and sheds light on the dedication and effort required for success in cycling.

Prudential’s Role in Promoting Health and Wellness: Prudential, a life insurer, is taking on a more significant role by partnering with Singaporeans in their health and wellness journeys. The company aims to help people stay healthy for longer, going beyond traditional insurance offerings. By promoting events like Tour de France Singapore Prudential Criterium, they encourage more people to embrace cycling as a way of life. Cycling is seen as a means to promote well-being, both at the individual and community levels.

The ‘Meet and Greet Athletes’ session provided an interesting glimpse into the world of professional cycling, the superstitions and rituals of top cyclists, their achievements, and how a company like Prudential is actively contributing to the well-being of the community by promoting cycling as a healthy lifestyle choice.

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