How to Dress as an Emcee

Emcee Singapore: How to dress as an Emcee

How to Dress as an Emcee

Emcee Singapore: What should an emcee wear? What is a good emcee attire? It is a great question and there are probably just as many answers as there are emcees.

All emcees will eventually develop their own styles that reflect their personalities. However, some principles are universal and can steer all emcees in the right direction.


Rule Number One of Emcee Attire – Be the Best Dressed Person in the Room

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear the same emcee outfit for every event. What it means is that you take into consideration what the Dress Code is for the event and then go one step further in your emcee attire. If everyone is Dress Code Casual, then you go Smart Casual. If they are Smart Casual you should upgrade to Business or Cocktail Attire and so on. If you are unsure, it is probably better to Dress Up rather than Dress Down.

However you do not want to be too over or under dressed as compared to your audience, as this could make it harder to connect with them. It could result in either you or the audience being uncomfortable. Likewise, if you are an emcee Singapore emcee for a wedding then you don’t want to upstage the bride and groom, yet you’ll still want to grab and command the attention of the audience. It is a fine line to walk. 

Having a good briefing session with your client can help get a feel for the group and what they wear. I will often see if I can find photos of the conference the year before as this will give you a great guide to the demographics of the group. Many associations have galleries of photos on their websites or in their newsletter.


Resources for Emcee Attire

The internet provides a wide range of resources and thus it is often hard to know where to start. A search for “Emcee Attire” or “Emcee Outfit” will yield great results on Google, Pinterest or Instagram.

A decent strategy would be to identify a role model and mimic their style. Firstly identify certain characteristics about yourself and then find a celebrity, singer, actor or politician who sort of matches your characteristics. Or just plain choose someone you like! Search them up on social media or event type pages. See what they wear – at an awards night, at a press conference or even seen coming out of a fancy restaurant. You will get heaps of ideas and they will be relevant to your age and body type.

This is an excellent approach and I urge you to try it out.


Event Theme

One question you should always ask in the Emcee Singapore emcee Briefing session is “does your event have a theme and what about your Brand Colour?” I always ask this because it helps me select my emcee attire for the assignment.

Brand Colour is a great way that you can “theme” what you wear. For gentlemen it could just be a matter of selecting an appropriate coloured tie or pocket handkerchief for your suit. For the ladies, a scarf or blouse could match their colour.


The Most Important Emcee Tip!

As an emcee, especially if you are going to get into Corporate Emcee work, the most important tip is to get comfortable shoes! You’ll be on your feet a lot, up and down off stage, moving about checking on speakers and often all this activity will be on floors that are unforgiving. Large Conference Centres and Hotel Ballrooms are often cold hard concrete covered with a thin tough carpet. They can be rough on your feet. If you work in the exhibition space or on the trade floor even more so. Money spent on good comfortable shoes is money well spent on your Emcee Attire.


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