Ok Boomer: Bridging Parent-Child Gap

Ok Boomer: Bridging Parent-Child Gap

Virtual Event Host: Charmaine Yee interviews SGAG’s Maddy Breteche-Lo and Counsellor & Psychotherapist Charis Patrick in a series powered by Pulse by Prudential as they share their thoughts on how to bridge the generational gap and improve parent-child communication.

Video exerpt:

Followers, likes, comments, views – the time has come when your child starts seeking virtual validation on social media platforms.

The murky waters of social media have gotten parents wondering how best to navigate them with their children. While there are no official statistics of young users on these platforms in Singapore, it is not uncommon to see youths scrolling through Instagram or TikTok.

You are unlikely to be able to stop a teenager from joining these platforms nor is it healthy to create a home environment where your child feels the need to hide their social media accounts from you…